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Audio Mic Cables

pSYONIC Premium XLR Microphone Cable
Mogami Quad Mic Cable
      pSYONIC's best premium mic cable. The choice cable in the pro audio industry for critical recording situations. Made of top-quality Mogami 4-conductor/ground Quad cable (#2534). Each hot/cold leg is a twisted-pair of 24 gauge copper wire which reduces RFI interference and the typical noise floor by about 10-20dB. This cable is great for use in areas with lots of equipment or lighting that can cause electromagnetic interference.

      These Quad cables are terminated with Neutrik gold-contact XLR connectors with a solid black metal housing (NC3MX-B). These premium connectors will pass your audio signal pristinely and provide many years of rugged durability. Includes attached Velcro cable-tie, choice of length, heat-shrink color and optional number markers.
pSYONIC Standard microphone cable
Mogami Standard Mic Cable
      pSYONIC's microphone cable for the working engineer. High-quality Mogami cable at a lesser price (Mogami #2549). Standard 2-conductor/ground balanced cable with twisted-pair 22 gauge copper wire. This cable provides a fantastic performance with a neutral sound that preserves your highs and won't color the sound.

      Our standard mic cables are terminated with Neutrik's XLR connectors with silver contacts and a nickel housing (NC3MX). These are the cables we use everyday in our own professional studio-great quality at an affordable price. Same custom options available as the above Quad series.

Nylon armor

pSYONIC Premium Tech XLR Microphone Cable


Custom Tech-Flex Option

      Add a custom flare to any cable by adding a tough nylon armor over the entire length of the cable.  It makes your cables hold up better under rough conditions and keeps them from getting tangled so easily.  They also look stylish and come in different colors.  Black, Blue and Red currently available, contact us if you're interested in other colors.



Make your cable really stand out to compliment your audio rig while giving the cable lasting performance!


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