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  "Mad House would be nothing without pSYONIC"
 -Tim Stroh, Mad House Recorders


      "pSYONIC Laboratories completely rewired my entire studio which took my sound to another level.  Not only does it sound great, but with the top notch quality of their cable build you can always eliminate one more thing when trouble shooting a problem."
-Adelio Lombardi,  Side 3 Studios


        "Chris came highly recommended to me from a former Nashville Producer/Engineer, now living in Denver. He told me that he trusted his work, 100%, and that was enough for me. Chris took the time to make different routing diagrams of ideas that we had about wiring up Backbeat Music Studios. He not only made all of our microphone and ¼” cables, but he also custom built a wall mount interface between my tracking and control rooms. Ethernet, XLR, Midi, and ¼” cables were all routed to this interface to ensure that I had all of my recording options covered. Chris also took the time to install the interface, and check every cable that he made, after Backbeat Studios was completed.

      Backbeat can now boast about having custom built Mogami cabling throughout the studio. It makes an amazing difference in sound quality. I highly recommend Chris because of his attention to detail and craftsmanship."
 -Tim Bradley,  Backbeat Music Studios


      "Chris recently assisted us with the install over at Avalanche Recording Studios, where we have four 96 pt. TT bays and tons of outboard gear and I/O. His work is clean and professional and top quality. We would have been down for months without his work."
-Brendan Connolly, Avalanche Recording Studios


         "When I was looking for someone to rewire Fanbass I did my research and found that Chris's name kept popping up? Still curious I looked into some of the older guys in town and found that their idea's of signal flow were a bit "old school" for my needs. This all changed when I got a hold of Chris at pSYONIC.
       First thing we needed to do was map out the signal flow for the room, which he had input on every step of the way without being intrusive to my ideas for the room. Making sure that Chris understood my modern production style and signal routing needs was effortless. From the patch bay and drum machine, to the Digidesign Control-24, his Zen-Cable-Wizardry has resulted in Fanbass's buzz-free, whisper-quiet control room."
-Aaron Perry,  CEO Fanbass Recordings Inc.


      "...I did some investigation, got some recommendations, and finally decided on custom cabling from pSYONIC Laboratories. Chris Kutz is the genius behind pSYONIC, and the cables that he constructs are world class in sonic transparency, durability and functionality. Chris uses only the best components, and his solder joints are impeccable. His shrink fits and cable wraps are nothing but the highest quality. Custom cabling produced at pSYONIC are works of art, and should be displayed in the Smithsonian. "
-Tim Moody, M. Unit Productions