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Audio Patch Cables

pSYONIC Mogami Guitar Cable
pSYONIC Mogami Guitar Pedal Patch Cable
MOgami Instrument Cables
      pSYONIC highly recommends the use of Mogami guitar cable (#2524) for use with your instruments. This cable actually reduces the level of, or completely removes microphonic noise that occurs when moving or tapping on the cable. Other standard unbalanced instrument cables can't do this. To our ears it even seems to give a little bit fuller tone to the instrument over standard cables.

      These cables are terminated with Switchcraft ¼" unbalanced nickel connectors in standard lengths of 3, 6, 12 and 18 feet long. Not exceeding 18 feet because this is an unbalanced cable, longer lengths may be susceptible to more noise. The Guitar Link cable is a 1-foot length with Switchcraft 90° 'elbow' ¼" connectors intended for use between stomp-pedals.

      Cables come standard with fixed Velcro cable-tie, with custom choice of length, color of heat-shrink and number markers.
pSYONIC Mogami Line-Level Cable
pSYONIC Mogami Line-Level Cable
Mogami Line-Level Cables
      For direct patching of various studio equipment and keyboards using line-level signals, pSYONIC has two different series of cables. Both use the Mogami cable (#2549) which provides a thick, rugged and transparent run for your signal.

      The first category is the 'Unbalanced Line Series' which is an unbalanced cable in standard lengths of 3, 6, 12 and 18 feet in length. Using Switchcraft ¼" tip/sleeve connectors, this cable would be primarily used in devices such as keyboards or anything else that only provides an unbalanced connection.

      The second category is the 'Balanced Line Series' which is a balanced cable that comes in standard lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 feet. These cables use Switchcraft ¼" tip/ring/sleeve connectors. This would be used where a balanced signal is needed; if the device supports it, it is always better to use a balanced signal as this is generally less prone to noise.

      Both series come standard with fixed Velcro cable-ties and have the same custom options as the above guitar cables. In addition you can specify custom cables to have different combinations of connectors such as XLR, RCA or use the smaller Mogami cable (#2552) for fixed installations.
pSYONIC Mogami TRS Patch Bay Cable
pSYONIC Mogami Military Patch Bay Cable
Mogami Patch Cable

      Patch-bays and Patch cords are a necessity in any studio where routing needs to be changed often and pSYONIC has this area covered as well. Our standard patch cords use Mogami cable (#2552) and Switchcraft ¼" TRS connectors coming in lengths of 2, 3 and 4 feet. Options include choice in color of heat shrink.


      We also make a Military Gauge type Patch cord similar to the above standard, only it uses the Neutrik ¼" TRS military plug (NP3TB-B), also with option of heat shrink color or use of Mogami digital AES/EBU 110 ohm cable (#3080). Bantam/TT patch-cords also available.


Nylon Armor

pSYONIC Premium Tech Mogami XLR Microphone Cable


Custom Tech Flex Option

      Add a custom flare to any cable by adding a tough nylon armor over the entire length of the cable.  It makes your cables hold up better under rough conditions and keeps them from getting tangled so easily.  They also look stylish and come in different colors.  Black, Blue and Red currently available, contact us if you're interested in other colors.



Make your cable really stand out to compliment your audio rig while giving the cable lasting performance!


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