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Audio Snake Cables

pSYONIC Mogami Analog Snake Cable
Mogami Analog Snake Cables
      At pSYONIC Labs we pride ourselves on our snake cables. These are high-quality assemblies using Mogami (#2932) 8-pair balanced cable. This cable provides 8 channels of analog I/O, either working as an 8-ch. input or an 8-ch. output. The metal 'Amp brand' D-sub connector on the one end is a convenient solution used on many popular pieces of gear today, making for a quick and easy secure 8-channel connection. You must specify exactly what piece of gear you are plugging this into. Many companies such as Tascam, Mackie, Digidesign and RME use the same format; however other companies such as Yamaha usually use a proprietary format which just needs to be wired differently.

      The other end of the snake is typically terminated in an 8-channel XLR fan, using Neutrik's gold-pin/black housing XLR connectors (NC3MX-B). You can also substitute the less expensive Neutrik silver/nickel XLR's in male or female or use the Switchcraft TRS ¼" connectors. The fan is given an 18-inch length to allow for easy distribution, where each channel is covered in tough nylon TechFlex armor to help strengthen and protect the wire. As always, our snake cables come standard with a fixed Velcro cable-tie, number markers on fan end, custom choice of lengths and heat-shrink color.
pSYONIC Mogami Digital Snake Cable
Mogami Digital Snake Cable
      For the digital format of AES/EBU, pSYONIC provides an 8-channel snake that can connect to most high-end multi-track gear. This snake uses Mogami 110 ohm digital cable (#3162) with balanced channels as required by the AES/EBU format.

      One end is terminated with the same above 'Amp brand' D-sub connector which connects to the primary piece of gear. The other end is finished with a 12" XLR fan using top quality Neutrik gold-pin/black housing XLR connectors (NC3MX-B). In the AES/EBU format a single XLR cable carries two channels in one direction. Therefore, on these cables you will find 4 XLR male connectors for output channels 1-8 and four XLR female connectors for input channels 1-8.

      This snake includes the standard fixed Velcro cable-tie, number markers on fan end, custom choice of lengths and heat-shrink color.


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