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Recording Equipment
Mackie Digital-8-Bus Mixing Console
      Apogee Wordclock card
      (3) DIO-8 ADAT & T/DIF I/O cards
      (1) PDI-8 AES/EBU I/O card
      (2) MFX cards
Mackie 1604 Mixing Board
Tascam DA-98HR DTRS
Tascam DA-45HR 24-Bit DAT
Tascam CD-450 CD Player
(2) True Systems Precision8 Mic Preamps (16 Ch.'s)
(2) RME HDSP 96/52 Hammerfall audio cards
(3) RME ADI-8DS 8 ch. AD/DA converters (24-bit/96k)
Aardvark Sync D.A. word-clock dist.
dbx Quantum
dbx 566 Stereo Tube Compressor
dbx 120XP subharmonic bass synth
(2) MOTU Midi Timepeice AV MIDI Interface
Equi-Tech ET3RQ-FM Rack Balanced Power       Transformer
T.C. Electronics M3000 Reverb FX
Line6 Pod Pro Guitar FX
Digitech Studio 400 Multi-FX
BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer
Korg Toneworks DTR-1 guitar tuner
Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner
(7) Neutrik Patchlink SPL patchbays
Switchcraft AES patchbay

(2) KRK VXT8 Studio Speaker Monitors
(4) Mackie HR824 Studio Speaker Monitors
Sunfire Signature 2700-Watt Sub-woofer (Bob Carver)
(2) KRK V4II Studio Speaker Monitors
KRK RP10S Sub-woofer
dbx 2231 31-band stereo graphic EQ
dbx 223XL 3-way Crossover
Furman HDS-6 Headphone System (w/5 sub-mixers)

Kurzweil K2500RS (Rack Sampler)
Kurzweil PC88 Weighted Controller Keyboard
Roland TDE-7T Electronic Drumset
Roland Jupiter 8 Vintage Analog Synth
Novation SuperBassStation sound module
E-MU Orbit sound module
Alesis DM Pro drum module
Gibson Les Paul Gothic guitar
Yamaha Acoustic guitar
TAMA Rockstar 7-Piece Drum Kit

Steinberg Nuendo 5
Steinberg Cubase 6
Steinberg Wavelab 6
Ableton Live 8
Presonus Studio One Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Macrormedia DreamWeaver
Macromedia Flash
Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Computer Equipment
Custom Built P4 2.4 gHz/3GB Ram PC
      Appro 5U Rack-Mount Case
      (1) WD SATA 160GB system drive
      (1) WD SATA 500GB data drive
      (5) IBM Ultra 160 SCSI 10k rpm drives (175 GB)
      Storcase Ext. SCSI Hard-Drive chassis (2-bay)
      Storcase Int. IDE Hard-Drive chassis (1-bay)
APC Matrix 3000 EU UPS system

(2) CAD VX2 dual tube
(1) AKG C414 B-XLS
(2) Audio DeutchKraft A-51s (matched pair)
(2) Audio-Technica AT4050/CM5
(1) B.L.U.E. Bluebird
(4) Sennheiser MD 421 II
(1) Shure SM81-LC
(2) Electro-Voice RE-20
(2) Electro-Voice N/D 468
(2) Beyerdynamic M88
(1) Sennheiser e602
(1) Audix i5
(4) Shure SM-57


Custom Mogami Audio Cables (over 500 channels)
SKB ATA Rack Cases (14 Cases/59 Units total)
SKB Pop-Up Mixer Case & Instrument Cases
(8) Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones
AKG 270S Studio Headphones
Ebtech Line-Level Shifter 8 ch.
(2) Ebtech Line-Level Shifters 2 ch.
(2) Ebtech Hum-Eliminators
Stewart ADB-4 Direct box
(2) Whirlwind Director DI Boxes
(2) Conquest Mic Splitter Boxes
(10) Quik-Lok A-346 telescopic mic stands
(2) Quik-Lok A-343 kick-mic stands
(4) Quik-Lok A-340 short boom mic stands
(2) Quik-Lok A-50 Large boom mic stands
Quik-Lok QL-642 double tier keyboard stand
Quik-Lok Amp stand
Quik-Lok Music Stand
ddrum Midi drum triggers

Software Plug-Ins
Izotope Stutter Edit
Steinberg GRM Tools 1
Steinberg GRM Tools 2
Steinberg D-Pole
Steinberg Magneto
Steinberg Free-Filter
Steinberg DeNoiser
Antares Auto-Tune
Antares Mic Modeler
Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Digital FishPhones
Sweetwater Young Chang Virtual Grand Piano
and too many others to list...