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pSYONIC Sounds

      The following are examples of work done at pSYONIC Laboratories. All works recorded, mixed and mastered at pSYONIC Labs unless otherwise noted.

c l i c k  o n  s o n g  t i t l e  t o  d o w n l o a d *


      t h e  s i r e n  p r o j e c t
      A seductive combination of guitars and drums, heightened by keyboard lines that support a unique layering of female vocals. A decidedly European sound that can't be classified by any one popular genre.
Living In Moss
      p l u c i o
      A guest female vocalist adds a ghostly dimension over an edgy electronic pulse. Too dark to be labeled techno, but not suited to the aggressive categorization of industrial. Recorded and mixed at pSYONIC, mastered at DRT.
Mio Babbino Caro
      l i z  b o r n h o r s t
      A beautiful rendition of a well-known opera tune. Pre-recorded music was treated for noise reduction, edited and time-stretched for timing, then finally enhanced in the mix along with newly recorded vocals.
I Can't Remember
       h e a t h e r  &  b l a c k s m i t h
      A top-40 country song that includes strings, pedal steel, guitars and a great rhythm section. All accentuating a strong female vocalist.
Bach - Solo Cello
      b a c h - c e l l o  s u i t e # 2  p r e l u d e
      Recorded on site at DU in the Williams Tower for a documentary/film. The title of the film is "The Creation of a Landmark-The Williams Tower Interior at Denver University", which was released out on DVD in 2005. Tracks were later mixed and mastered here at the studio.  Played by Richard Slavich.
      p r a y a t a
Two girls and two guys make up this exceptional band that can rock out with the best of them. Check out this track for a great drum, bass and guitar foundation with a stronger, more aggressive Gwen Stefani-like vocal line over the top.
pSYONIC Montage
      v a r i o u s  a r t i s t s
      Contains excerpts from the following artists. Plucio, Sarina Simoom, The Siren Project, Liz Bornhorst, Heather & Blacksmith, Frank Ayala and The Fong Jones Band. Clips range all over from low-budget demos to more involved projects.

* Files are available for download in MP3 format. For full .wav files, please contact us directly. Works are listed in no particular order. All rights reserved for the respective artists, any use of these files beyond that of demonstration purposes of the capabilities of our studio is strictly prohibited.