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  We offer customized one on one instruction on many different topics in the pro audio world.  The pace is set by you, because you decide what you want to learn about and just how fast you want to learn.

  This super easy and fun way of learning is taught by someone with patience and lots of experience in the audio/music world.  Chris Kutz has had extensive training from the recording program at the University of Colorado at Denver, many years of running his own studio as well as working at others, in addition to years of playing in different bands and creating his own music.


   Here are some of the topics you may wish to learn about...

  D.A.W.'s - computer based recording setups
  Basic recording techniques for various instruments
  Mic placement techniques
  Recording gear setup and signal flow
  Mixing concepts such as FX, EQ, dynamics processors, etc.
  Your hardware - learning how to use it
  Software like Cubase, Reason, plugins & virtual instruments
  MIDI sequencing and production